Ryanair mantendrá su palabra y la mitad de los vuelos de El Altet se eliminarán.

It looks, that the Irish airline Ryanair will keep its word and half of the flights on El Altet will be deleted. With the advent of the new terminal at the airport in Alicante, Spain in the society that forbade AENA handling passengers, Ryanair passengers via the stairs her provides the aircraft to let in and out steps.

According to AENA, this would be too dangerous, because the travellers would walk on foot across the platform. Ryanair would be obliged to safety the walkways (trunks) to use, but Ryanair that refuses

Initially there was a compromise between Ryanair and AENA, so the passengers from the half of the flights was allowed in and out via the stairs. There would then be about the other half shall negotiate under threat of Ryanair, that, if we do not come out, half the current flights to Alicante would be deleted

Now that the summer season in arrival and there is still no agreement has been reached, it seems that Ryanair will stand firm and some 300 flights to Alicante will be deleted. This means approx. 1.5 million passengers and less loss of 1,500 jobs. The loss suffered if Ryanair flights canceled is estimated at 30 million euros.

According to Ryanair is the use of stairs no risk for passengers. In addition, the low-cost airline used for only 25 minutes in and out and that would be impossible with the verplichtgestelde walkways. Finally, run the kite, that the additional cost of 4 million euros for the use of the AENA footbridges will do the ticket price increase