The second heatwave in Spain

MADRID – This weekend, the temperatures rise again to Spain from North Africa to reach maximums of 40 degrees around Tuesday with the help of hot air.

It is the second heat wave this year and by a high stability in the atmosphere will continue until about ten days early August. The thermometers are mainly in the east of Spain up according to the Spanish weather institute AEMET.

According to experts, the pattern of heat waves this year different than before. The high temperatures stay longer, but reached no limits as to what happened in the summer of 2003. When several records were broken, which still stand.
Also in Northern Spain is hot. Here, the heat will also be accompanied by typical summer storms, particularly in Navarra, La Rioja and the Basque Country.

Sleep Tips for heat

Here are some tips that sleep several Spanish and Dutch media give the warm summer nights to come good for those who has no air conditioning by:

– Put your pillow during the day in the fridge and bring it out just before you go to bed.
– Use silk or cotton nightwear
– Drink plenty of water
– Let the air circulate in the bedroom
– Put a fan in the open window
– Keep the room dark during the day and shut everything down to keep the heat out and open everything just before going to bed.
– Avoid exercise in the evening
– Avoid alcohol and coffee and other sleep inhibitors in the evening
– Take a hot shower before bedtime. A cold shower seems better but let it harder to circulate blood properly so you get the warmer.