Extremely high fines in Alicante for owners of palm trees with red beetle

Sunday, 10 November 2013

ALICANTE – In the past 15 years, more than 300,000 palm trees in Spain by the wayside because of the red beetle. To prevent the spread of this pest to counteract the municipality Alicante impose fines of up to 120,000 euros.

Failure to comply with this ‘Ley de Sanidad Vegetal’ is considered a foul. Owners of land where palm trees grow are responsible for preventing these occupied by the parasitic picudo rojo ‘. When this creature has taken the palm, there is usually held once again, no way unless with professional knowledge is acted from the beginning.

One has a sick palm so pruning, removal and destruction to the remains by specialized companies. This often costs at least 500 euros. Residents of Alicante find that the church must come in these costs or at least to make a payment. Possible to meet them

The municipality has 80 properties found in diseased palms and these people sent a letter reiterating the height of the various fines imposed by the environmental department

A� INSpanje.nl/Else Beekman

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