The “Tomatina” festival is starting again in Buñol in Spain

VALENCIA – Perhaps the Tomatina festival be one of Spain’s most famous festivals and the party sure what the small Valencian town of BuA�ol place on the international map. During the festivities, 100,000 tomatoes the streets and people red colors during a tradition that this year is already 66 years old. This year is the first time that participants, but not the foreigners have to pay to join the throw tomatoes.

Only the Spaniards to the event BuA�ol, the peaceful village in the interior of the Valencia region, will be opgetoverd on August 28 to “Tomate Village”. Between 15,000 and 19,000 square meters will be made available for campers who can set up to bring.’s Nights free here their tents BuA�ol has only 10,000 inhabitants, a number which rises to 50,000 during the celebrations. Entrepreneurs are convinced that the flow of participants will give. Again this year to boost the economy

La Tomatina according to Wikipedia
La Tomatina is a festival that is celebrated in the town of BuA�ol in the Spanish province of Valencia. It is an annual tomato fight on the last Wednesday of August. This event always attracts many tourists. Along with the San Fermin festivities and its bull run in Pamplona belongs to the internationally famous festivals of Spain. In 2003 38.000 people participated and there were 132 tons of tomatoes used.

In 1944, some young people looking for a fight because they wanted to participate in a typical local parade of gigantes y cabezudos (giants and big heads). Part Because they were near a vegetable stall, they stole tomatoes for that throw. The parade The riot police came and showed the youngsters any damage. The following year the young people repeated the trick, this time with tomatoes brought from home. Even when they were picked up by the security forces. After this, sustained several consecutive years this became a tradition without an official status was recorded.

In 1950 the City of BuA�ol was the party yet, but the following year no more and some participants were arrested. Through much pressure from the neighboring municipalities, these soldiers released. Eventually, the entire party and allowed besides throwing tomatoes were other common use. For example, one overgooid with water and water jets were directed to the opponent. In 1957 the party was banned again and stood on offense imprisonment. That year residents decided to have a shroud with a large tomato to wear, “to bury him.” By the village This procession was accompanied by bands playing funeral music.

In 1959 Tomatina finally allowed since 1980 and shares the municipality annually tomatoes from the growing number of visitors. In 2013, it is the first time that participants have to pay to participate – (Remco Stoffer)