A new king of Spain

Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Spanish King Juan Carlos signed the abdicatiewet. During an austere ceremony in the palace, he abdicated the throne.

By signing is not the coronation of Prince Felipe tomorrow in the way. In parliament he then proclaimed the new king of Spain. Felipe comes from then King Felipe VI called.
The inauguration of Felipe is a sober event. There are no foreign guests and members of other royal families invited.

New Generation

Juan Carlos was 39 years to the Spanish throne. He was very popular, but in recent years many Spaniards lost their confidence in the king by several scandals.
Last month he made his resignation. He then said that he retires to make way for a new generation of space.

On Thursday, June 19 Spain gets its new king. The country then has holiday and so more people would feast to celebrate the new king.
Felipe VI will succeed his father during a special session of parliament. Earlier it was already clear that they do not involve foreign guests are present, because space is limited.

No relatives

The former prime Gonzalez, Aznar and Zapatero will attend the ceremony around the Spanish throne change. Reports that the Spanish newspaper El Mundo on the authority of palace sources.
It is not yet clear whether the other members of the Spanish royal family will be. Present at the ceremony The current King Juan Carlos, his wife Sofia and their two daughters, the elder sister of Felipe, would consider staying away. They have seen no constitutional role in the ceremony.
According to the sources, Juan-Carlos (75) plan after his resignation to continue playing for Felipe, so that it can benefit from his experience and contacts. Supporting role His titles will he give up.


Crown Prince Felipe (46) says he’s ready to be king. At his first public appearance since his father announced his departure last Wednesday, he said, wanting to serve. Spain
“Let me repeat that I want to publicly committed to passionately serve. Spaniards our beloved Spain, the nation, our national community, diverse but united in a century-long history. All my strength, hope and enthusiasm”

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