Ryanair draws based in Eindhoven

The Irish airline Ryanair draws a base at Eindhoven Airport. It is but one plane because there is no more room, said the Director in a lightning visit to Eindhoven. There was in Eindhoven hoped on a base with two or three planes.

Monday announced that the Transavia in Eindhoven three aircraft drop goes.

The Director of Ryanair hopes that in the future there is room for more planes in Eindhoven. now runs the society against the late opening hours of the regional airport, which cause higher prices for passengers, according to the Director.

New destinations according to the long-awaited arrival of Eindhoven Airport provides a base of Ryanair in Eindhoven 60 direct jobs.

Ryanair also announced four new destinations from Eindhoven: Agadir Fez in Morocco, France and Bordeaux and in Chania on Crete.

Bron: Ryanair