A new rental Spanish law for home owners

MADRID-thousands of property owners will soon no longer their apartment or House can legally rent to tourists. A new rental law is to do this for approval to the Senate.

This new rental law connect 20,000 homes out for tourist use, so they are under the (sometimes non-existing) regional legislation.

Now it’s still so that any property owner can rent out his house for short term to holidaymakers. With the new law those rights shall be limited. At this time benefit according to sources in the sector about 150,000 people in Spain of the holiday rental, for example, their home during the month of August, during the Easter week or just for a weekend to foreign tourists can rent out.

The Government, however, saw a significant increase in this type of rental, often promoted via the internet, and ruled that because of an unfair competition over the traditional tourist rental company’s such as hotels, hostals and apartment complexes.
The Spanish hotel-lobby for years carries a fight against this practice. According to the hotel industry, there is no control on this type of rental and also in many cases there is no tax paid.