Quick decision-makers do good business in Alicante, Costa Blanca

Time to act …?! There is some light on the horizon …Quick decision-makers do good business
As you no doubt heard, the IVA (= VAT) per 1 september 2012 in Spain increased. This increase is part of the austerity of the Spanish Government, which in time should produce 2.5 years 65 billion euro. Only the increase of the IVA on new homes is delayed until 1 January 2013 and there you can benefit your do…

New rates
Per 1 september will the ‘ normal ‘ IVA on products and services rise from 18 to 21%, while the reduced rate of 8% IVA-erected to 10%. Also the reduced rate on articles and services such as cinema, events, spectacles, the Barber, etc. is raised from 8 to 21%.

Extra discount on new construction
The announced extra discount on new homes in 2011 remains equally valid. The Government maintains the reduced-rate of Rajoy IVA 4% until 1 January 2013. From that date, also this tax rises to 10%!

However, the reduced rate of 4% applies only to new construction homes that has for the first time be transferred. Or you must be the first owner and developer of the project on home to buy or through the bank, which has become co-owner of the project or the House has brought in a management company under. Newbuild homes that stand in the name of the bank and then are offered by the same bank are not covered by this scheme. The House is then already a time transferred to the bank.

To determine how much% IVA you must pay when buying a new construction home, should be from whom you are buying. Who is the actual owner at the time that you close a purchase contract?! Therefore care for proper guidance with your purchase, so you not for nasty surprises later. A newly built country home for € 100.000,-4% IVA finally seems very interesting, but if you later revealed that 10% IVA, you still have to pay € 6,000,-deficit and comes for that money you can have your Spanish property largely provisioning.

TIP: last chance for quick decision makers
Although we are still sitting in the summer and many people still enjoy the holidays fast approaching, 1 January 2013. If you want to take advantage of the reduced rate of 4% IVA-do you still have 5 months to buy a Spanish newly built country home. Good planning and rapid action can you now much benefit. Sure if you wish for your purchase, you have a mortgage to shut your time desperately needed. This is not a sales pitch to push you in any way whatsoever, but rather a warning to prevent you on 1 January 2013 says: “… I had that but conscience …”