Ryanair in trouble in Spain

Spanish consumer organisation must complaint against Ryanair. Ryanair would have brought the safety of passengers in danger during three emergency landings on Valencia airport.

The Spanish aviation authorities have launched a study to three possible noodlandinginen of aircraft of airline Ryanair. According to the Spanish authorities three devices had an emergency landing requests because they had too little fuel. All three landings that took place on 26 July 2012 at the airport of Valencia in Spain.

According to Ryanair, however, there was no question of emergency landings. Each unit would have had sufficient fuel on board, even after the aircraft had to fly over an hour above Madrid.

The Spanish consumer organisation CEACCU wants the license of Ryanair in Spain for three years is repealed and that society pays a fine of 4.5 million euro and has therefore an official complaint against Ryanair.

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