Ryanair closes base Maastricht Aachen Airport

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Irish airline Ryanair will close in March 2014 are based on Maastricht Aachen Airport.

A spokesperson from the airport announced Monday. Ryanair remains flying from the airport, but not with a fixed stationed aircraft. Ryanair itself did not respond Monday.
According to the regional broadcaster L1 cabin crew would already have been informed. This is the number of flights was reduced reporting insiders to broadcasting. What are the implications for the number of destinations is not clear now.

The airport has been one year home of Ryanair. The airline said last year to invest in Maastricht Aachen Airport. a�� 70 million 450,000 passengers and 450 would create jobs in the long term the base.
Maastricht Aachen Airport was the 51th home of Ryanair. The airline also argued that time conversations with Eindhoven and Rotterdam.

According to RTV Noord deletes Ryanair flight from Groningen Airport Eelde to Milan-Bergamo. The airline stopped temporarily this winter with the route, but it is no longer included in the summer. In 2015, the route is re-examined.
Recently, Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary announced that the airline will also fly from Brussels and within five years at Schiphol. About the latter was at the airport, however, nothing is known.

By: NU.nl / ANP / Novum

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