Ryanair threates to leave due to El Altet walkways

Ryanair threates to leave due to El Altet walkways

ALICANTE – The battle between the Irish low cost airline Ryanair and the Spanish fly service AENA is far from over. Now known as both parties arguing about whether or not mandatory use of the walkways of the terminal to the aircraft. Ryanair has made a proposal to the end of October with more flights and against the 600.000 passenger but AENA has not answered.

Ryanair would not use the walkways that AENA obliges them late. According to Ryanair does it cost too much money and time to the passenger via the walkways to pick up and set down passengers. In addition, the safety of passengers not in danger like this, just as in many other airports of Spain, on the ground to the airport run, said Ryanair.

The Spanish fly service AENA has a different opinion, however, and suggests the use of footbridged obliged to all airlines which fly to and from El Altet. The problems arose after the commissioning of the new airport of the Costa Blanca.

Ryanair came late last month with an attractive proposal to increase the number of flights to increase from 1 april 2013 drastic leaving more than 600,000 passengers on an annual basis to El Altet would come with Ryanair. This would at least 600 jobs and more revenue for the airport. That proposal is liked in that the Irish low-cost airline would no longer have to worry of the expensive and wasteful time walkways. AENA had until 15 november the time to reply, something the Spanish fly service has not done.

Ryanair gives another chance to AENA for 26 november to come with an answer if not, then go there from april according to years more flights away from El Altet and is there even speculated that Ryanair will completely disappear from the airport of the Costa Blanca. That possible departure for the airport would not be good and also the many thousands of foreigners who come to the Costa Blanca with Ryanair this would suffer.

Others say, however, that AENA should not give in to the blackmail practices by Ryanair but that there should be more talk. A departure from Ryanair would cost jobs and much less money in the series.

Bron: Remco Stoffer