Ryanair Improved Upcoming 6 Months Its Customer

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Ryanair Improved Upcoming 6 Months Its Customer

Ryanair, Europe’s favorite low – cost airline , announced today ( 25 Oct ) a program aimed at improving customer service, which is a growth increase has allowed the sight of more than 80 million passengers thanks to Ryanair ‘s unbeatable combination of low rates , timely flights , new fleet of aircraft and the absence of guaranteed fuel surcharges .

After an extensive feedback program called ” Tell MOL ” , passengers could share their opinions via the Ryanair website . Ryanair confirmed that this is only a tip of the veil and further improvements will be carried out over the next six months ending in March 2014 .

1. The ” Recaptcha ” security will be removed from the site for individual bookings ( Nov 1 )

2. From Nov 1 , it is possible for passengers who have booked their flights directly online on the Ryanair website (not through travel agencies or ticket merchants ) , within 24 hours after the initial booking minor errors (spelling , names , routes) to improve .

3. From Nov 1 , Ryanair will introduce “quiet flights ” for 8 am and after 9 o’clock in the evening . During these flights will no loudspeaker announcements are made, except for mandatory safety instructions . Ryanair will also dim the lights to give a nap. Passengers the opportunity

4. From Dec 1 , Ryanair passengers will allow a 2nd small hand luggage ( small ladies handbag or some airport purchases ) no larger than 35 x 20 x 20 cm , including a bottle of wine or equivalent to take on board.

5 . From Dec 1 , the fee for the delivery of the boarding pass going down from a�� 70 / A? 70 euros to a�� 15 / A? 15 for passengers who have checked in online . Passengers also not checked and should do so at the airport still pay a surcharge of a�� 70 / A? 70 .

6. From Jan 5 , will be Ryanair ‘s standard baggage allowance for unrecorded luggage decreases of a�� 60 / A? 60 to a�� 30 / A? 30 euros to the check-in desk and a�� 60 / A? 60 to a�� 50 / A? 50 at the boarding gate . This adjustment is in line with Ryanair charges for extra baggage of competing airlines.

Ryanair ‘s CEO Michael O’Leary says < / strong > :

” We are very pleased to add to our progressive customer service. These significant changes With the implementation of our plans to grow from 80 million passengers to over 110 million passengers in the next five years , we listen and respond actively to the opinion of our passengers so that they can continue to enjoy the lowest rates and punctual flights from Ryanair . They can also take advantage of easier access to our website , 24 hours time correction , a 2nd small hand luggage , reduced fees for extra baggage airport and quiet flights. We hope you enjoy our passengers of these improvements , in addition to our low rates and punctuality . ”

Ryanair ‘s Director of Customer Service, Caroline Green says : < / strong >

” These are the first in a series of improvements that Ryanair is currently actively working to our low rates easily available to our millions of customers . Since the changes are associated with changes to our website and instructions to the ground crew , we will carry out these improvements over the coming months to improve . Further Europe’s best customer If passengers suggestions or feedback to share further with us , they can use our ” Tell LDCs customer service that is available through the Ryanair website . ”

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