Spanish Government’s owners of solar panels tax

MADRID – Spaniards or people living in Spain who have solar panels there will in future have to pay tax on. The measure will take three times longer than the time it takes to earn back the investment today.

Spain has 26 billion debt to his energy producers, as a result of years of regulating the cost. To compensate for that amount will be taxed and solar panels now is the economic benefit of its own production of clean energy is no longer taken into account.

People who connect their solar panels no longer on the electricity network now risking an astronomical fine of 6 to 30 million.

“The law makes it simply impossible to produce my own clean energy,” said a man who solar meanwhile has moved to a secluded house of a friend, beyond the limits is the area where required to the electricity grid should be connected. Others say they simply will refuse to connect to the electricity network, while still others have simply taken their solar panels. Their panels on their roof