Wintering at Novadesta in Alicante, Gran Alacant, Busot, Costa Blanca Spain

Wintering in a holiday villa of Novadesta Rentals in Alicante Spanje Costa Blanca

There can be no doubt. For overwintering from Northern Europe is already the main hibernating Spain since years and day destination. Tens of thousands of overwintering from Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England and the Scandinavian countries withdraw to the Spanish Costas. But also retired Spaniards have discovered, that it is much more pleasant place to be in winter to the Costas than in the Interior.

Spain is suitable for any overwinteraar. Young, old, healthy, sick, campers or apartment/hotel travelers, for each category, there is an interesting spot to find.

Wintering on the Costa Blanca, where Christmas can be a degree or 20? Novadesta Rentals has several beautiful villas in its rental portfolio that for long periods of time during the winter period books. That can be a month, but also three months or more. The villas have the space, luxury and comfort that are self-evident for our holiday villas. Also the service and facilities that Novadesta Rentals offers tenants are present in the winter months.

Make your hibernating plans concrete
We are pleased to help you to make your hibernating plans concrete. On the basis of your wishes and requirements can you offer that comply with Novadesta Rentals villas. In consultation with you we deliver in terms of both price measures work for your location as hibernating plans.
Please discuss your needs with us through to us. calling or emailing, please, in any case, the desired time period and duration of time. So we can create a targeted offer.

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Novadesta Rentals helps you through the wet and cold winter