Car rental

Together with our partner Goldcar we can arrange a car to be ready for you at Alicante Airport, Murcia Airport or Valencia Airport. Through a click at the Goldcar logo you can easily book a rental car of your choice. You can also see the rates.

Important points:
# You need to have a credit card (Mastercard or Visa) to hire a car. This credit card should be in the name of the first driver.

# The minimum age of the driver should be 21 with 1 year the driving licence. At an age under 25 years there is an extra charge of a�� 3,00 per day. If the driving licence is less than 4 years in possession, an extra charge of a�� 3,00 per day will be calculated.

# The car can not be taken outside mainland Spain

Please enter as much requested dates as possible and very important please fill in the correct flight number of your arrival flight. This way the rental company might be able to anticipate on any delaya��s or flight changes .

What to bring when you pick up the car:

  • The booking voucher with reservation number
  • A valid passport
  • A valid driving licence
  • A valid credit card (Visa of Mastercard) in the name of the first driver

Included in the rental price:

  • VAT
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Insurance (for details, exceptions and extensions please check the rental conditions)
  • Pick up and deliver the car at the airport
  • Telephonic assistance (from Mon. a�� Fry. from 9.00 a�� 18.30 hours)
  • The option to return the car at another Goldcar delivery point

Not included in the rental and extras:

  • Fuel: on arrival you pay for a full tank of fuel and you will return the car as empty as possible, no refund on fuel are made. The price of a tank depends on the type of car you hire
  • Diesel cars have an extra charge of a�� 2,00 per day
  • Child seat: for rent from a�� 3,50 per day
  • Additional driver: from a�� 2,50 per additional driver per day (max. a�� 25,00 per driver and max. 3 additional drivers)
  • If the car needs a special cleaning at the moment you return the car, min. a�� 40,00 will be charged.

Returning the car
Please make sure that you always bring the car back on the indicated time and place. Any cost occurred for leaving the car in the wrong place, fines, towing parking cost, are at the renteri??i??i??s expense. When delivering the car later then the contracted time, the rental company will give a penalty. A delay of 3 hours is accepted.

The renter has a direct contract with the supplying rental company. The contract is under the Spanish law.

Novadesta is not a part of this or any agreement or contract between the renter and the rental company and is not responsible for any damage, lost or changes in the model of the car.

Novadesta cannot be held responsible for damage occurred for undertaking or not undertaking insurances or any damage incurred due to a rental company charging excess fee for damage.

Novadesta is not responsible for any delaya��s or changes in delivery of the contracted service due to closing of problems at the airport, bus station, train station or harbour, annulated flights or bankruptcy of an airline or any other company, local conflicts, company problems including air traffic problems, terrorism, nature and nuclear disasters, fire or weather. Changes in rental procedures, availability, insurance terms and general working procedures or cancellation of an existing booking are no responsibility of Novadesta.