What is Novadesta
Novadesta specializes in renting out holiday homes on the Costa Blanca on a professional basis. We oplerate on bais of trus and personal contact with our guests and the home Owners. Quality, professionalism and caretaking are important values to us.

All our holiday homes, villaa��s and apartments have an prived swimming pool or a community pool, with the Mediterranean an Sea always within reach. Both you and your children will utterly enjoy the sun. With its mild climate the Costa Blanca is also an ideal spot during the winter months. Novadesta also provides winter accommodations.

How do I contact Novadesta?
Telephone: 0034 966 698 212 E-mail: rentals@ novadesta.com Or by using the contact form on our website www.novadesta.com.

What can Novadesta guarantee me?
All our holiday homes we have been inspected by ourselves. Should you remain dissatisfied despite this, we shall deal with your complaint promptly and correctly, keeping potential inconvenience at a minimum.

Have Novadest brochures on its holiday homes?
No, we do not have any brochures on the Novadesta holiday homes. All the information you require can be found on this website.

My details have changed. How do I inform Novadesta?
Any changes to your personal details can be sent via e-mail: rentals@novadesta.com

Where an I find Novadesta terms an conditions?
You can read the rental terms and conditions from Novadesta by booking a house by internet

What is your complaints procedure?
Should you have a complaint during your stay please notify your contact person or the manager in person in order to solve it. The manager is your a�� the guests a�� point of contact for the duration of your stay.

Can I hire a car with Novadesta
On the information page you click on the button a�?Care hirea�? and Novadesta take care that your car stand on Alicante airport by your arrival.

Waar vind ik toeristische informatie?
Tourist information can also be found on the Links page.

Where do I find a holiday home
To the left of the screen you can see the Accommodationsa�?button. Once clicked upon you will see an overview of our entire portfolio. The photos of the homes can be clicked open, and will bring up the page listing specific information on each home.

How do I tell if a holiday home is still available?
Are the calendar is red than is the period not free. By our website you can reserved quickly and simple your holiday home. You click on a�?BOOK THIS PROPERTY NOW!a�? Fill in the booking form and we send you the reservation form by email.

What happens postbooking?
Internet bookings You have made your booking via our website. We shall send out a confirmation along with an invoice to your email address as soon as possible (usually within a few hours). Your booking is viewed as complete upon our confirmation.

Telephone bookings You have made your booking by telephone. We shall send out a confirmation along with an invoice via email as soon as possible. Further information on payment deadlines can be found on the invoice / booking confirmation.

How are the costs broken down?
The costs comprise the following:
a�? Rent
a�? Booking costs
a�? Towels and sheets: a�� 10 per person
a�? Obligatory final clean-up
a�? Gas and electricity usage

plus potential additional costs:

o extra towel and bed linen set
o extra cleaning service
o cot: a�� 2,50 per day
o highchair: a�� 2,50 per day
o the deposit: from a�� 200

How do I pay?
You shall receive your confirmation and invoice via email once you have booked your accommodation. The invoice lists your specific rental price. The total rental price is to be paid in 2 parts.

1. The down payment comprises:
o 25% of the rental price + reservation costs within 10 days

2. The outstanding rental price with deposit is to be paid no later than 6 weeks prior to commencement of your rental agreement.

3. Are the booking 8 weeks before arrival you paid in one go The rental agreement may be rescinded should you not pay on time.

How do I pay a last minute booking?
The rental price of a last minute booking is to be paid in one go.

When I do the payment to Novadesta?
You pay 25% of the total rentalprice + reservation costs between 10 days You pay 75% of the total rentalprice + deposit 6 weeks before arrival. If you pay not on time, we can cancel the rental contract with you.

What is Novadesta bank account number?
The correct bank account number is listed on the invoice which you shall receive once your booking has been made.

Kan ik een boeking nog annuleren?
Yes. You can cancel your booking in writing, up to 6 weeks prior to your rental agreement commencing. The owner retains the down payment of at least 25%. Should your cancellation be made within this 6 weeks period the owner is to be paid the entire rental price.

Who do I inform of a change to my booking?
Changes to your booking can be given via e-mail: rentals@novadesta.com Please note: changes incur many different costs; not all change requests can be implemented.

Whate are the advantages to a pre-booking?
A pre-booking allows you to book the home you want without obligation. Moreover, a pre-booking is free. Once we request confirmation of your pre-booking you still have 1 day time to change your mind.

Do I need to arrnage cancellation insurance?
We recommend you arrange travel and/or cancellation insurance with your broker.

Who is liable for damages?
You are obliged to treat the rental home and the inventory with due care and attention. It must be left in a clean condition upon departure. The owner is not liable for loss in value and/or damage to your personal belongings caused by deficiencies in the home or through improper use thereof. Upon damage to the rental home and/or gross negligence on your part the total damage costs shall be deducted from the deposit. You should notify and compensate the owner immediately upon damage to or loss of an object.

How many people does my home accommodate?
The maximum group capacity is listed under each accommodation. It is prohibited to occupy the home with more people than accepted and recognized by Novadesta at the time of booking. See Terms and Conditions.

Are towels and bed linen included in the rental price?
Towels and bed linen are obligatory and not included in the rental price. Towel and bed linen costs a�� 10 per person. An extra set costs a�� 10 per person. A towel and bed linen set comprises bedding, 2 large towels and 2 bath towels, Kitchen linen: 2 kitchen towels, 2 tea towels and 2 clotch. For each bath room one bath math.

Do I need to pay a deposit?
Payment of a deposit is obligatory. The deposit usually amounts from a�� 200. The deposit shall be reimbursed 8 days after the rental period. Costs incurred through damage or loss as well as gas and electricity usage are deducted from the deposit.

May I bring my cat or dog?
No pets are allowed, unless otherwise agreed upon with Novadesta Rentals

When mus I leave the accommodation?
Guests must leave before 10.00 hours. The accommodation is then prepared for the next guests, which is why a later departure time isna��t possible. The rental period is determined by these times.

Hoe laat wordt ik verwacht bij de woning?
Guests arrive between 16.00 and 18.00 hours. The accommodation needs to be prepared after the previous guests have left, which is why an earlier arrival time isna��t possible. The rental period is determined by these times. Would you like to arrive at a later time? If so, this needs to be discussed with Novadesta Rentals.