Novadesta cleaning protocol during COVID-19

Cleaning protocol during COVID-19

Why good hygiene is now more important than ever.

The way we travel is different now, and guests expect a higher standard of cleanliness more than ever. A recent survey found that concerns about cleanliness are the main barrier to booking a place to stay.
We have therefore developed an improved cleaning protocol to help reduce the risk of disease spreading during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

1. Novadesta no longer have change overs in one day, so we have more time to thoroughly clean the house before your arrival.
2. We disinfect the house with Ozone (O3) by means of an Ozone machine. This kills all possible bacteria, fungi and viruses. After disinfection (nobody should be present), the house is
aired and then the house is cleaned by our cleaning team.
3. Novadesta no longer makes the beds, we put the bed linen and towels on the beds wrapped in plastic. The fewer hands it touch, the smaller the chance of contamination.

By working in the above way we take important steps to protect you as a guest and the entire community.

Despite the Corona virus and the associated rules, Novadesta wishes all tenants a pleasant and safe holiday.