Gran Alacant

Gran Alacant
Gran Alacant is located between Santa Pola and Alicante and consists of several urbanizations. In 2011 Gran Alacant had 11.000 inhabitants. It is a collection of multiple urbanizations and has no industrial zones. It is a quiet place to live or spend your holidays with very little traffic and all you might need for a relaxing holiday. Alicante and the airport of El Altet are at 15 minutes distance by car.

History of Gran Alacant

Gran Alacant got its name from the first urbanization built which was named Gran Alacant. After this succesfull start many more urbanizations would follow. In the early years, around 2000, most of the inhabitants were people spending the summer holidays and Gran Alacant would be very quiet in winter times. Now, more than 10 years after about 11.000 people are inscribed in Gran Alacant, but the actual amount of inhabitants is estimated at almost double. A lot of the people living in Gran Alacant are still inscribed in the towns they originally come from.

Urbanisations in Gran Alacant

With Gran Alacant as its first urbanization the town of Gran Alacant now, in 2012, it consists of 24 urbanisations in total: Altomar, Brisa Mar, Brisas del Faro, , Carabassí, Costa Hispania, Puerto Marino, Sierra Mar, Sueño Azul, Victoria Playa Gran Alacant, Vista Bahía, Don Pueblo, El Faro, Gran Alacant, Gran Vista, Mediterráneo, Melody, Monte Faro, Monte y Mar, Novamar, Olivo de Oro, Panorama, Pino Mar en Balcones del Mar.
Novadesta provides with holiday rental homes in most of these urbanisations, each with their own charm. Have a look at the Gran Alacant rentals page where you can find the pictures, prices and further information about these lovely holiday apartments and villas in Gran Alacant.

Shops in Gran Alacant

All throughout Gran Alacant shops can be found and there are a couple of shopping malls to be visited. With the biggest shopping mall at the entrance of Gran Alacant, right alongside the CV-92(what used to be the N332). There is a weekly market on Tuesdays in Gran Alacant and a very nice market in Santa Pola on every Saturday.

Transport in Gran Alacant

Public transport is available to and from Gran Alacant from Santa Pola, Arenales del Sol, El Altet and Alicante by means of a bus, having multiple stops in Gran Alacant. This bus can be used as well to travel within Gran Alacant, but a small tourist train is another option.

Inhabitants of Gran Alacant

The background of the people living or spending their holiday in Gran Alacant is very divers. People from Spain, England, Holland, Belgium, Norway and Sweden chose this as their holiday destination or to live permanently.

Restaurants and bars in Gran Alacant

Spread throughout Gran Alacant you can find about 60 bars and restaurants at the moment each with their own specialty. Steakhouse, wok restaurants and pizzerias can be found throughout Gran Alacant, but also restaurants specialized in the English, Belgian or Dutch kitchen for example.

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