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Home owners: Your second house in Spain

As an owner of a Spanish holiday home you all know that better than anyone. The warm climate, beautiful countryside and endless beaches all make a home in Spain a worthy treasure to own. You can instantly pack your bags and get away from it all whenever you like. Perhaps you bought this holiday home as an investment? Real estate is interesting as a stable form of investment.

The big advantage of holiday rental compared with long-term rental is that the tenancy rights of holidaymakers are much more restricted. As a consequence you are and remain the owner of your own holiday home. Moreover, by regularly receiving guests you ensure that your holiday home stays occupied.

Advantages for home owners

A lot of owners with a holiday home do want to rent out their property when they are not using it themselves a lot. It is not good for the property to be left empty. Cooperation with Novadesta Rentals offers you a large degree of freedom and flexibility. You want to earn extra income from your holiday home but you also want to make use of it yourself. And you are looking for minimal efforts with a maximum return.

Your advantages are outlined below:

  • To you as a home owner the cooperation with Novadesta Rentals is free. Novadesta Rentals operates on a ano cure, no paya basis and exclusively receives a commission when your holiday home is rented out through our agency.
  • Your holiday home is presented on our websites with an extensive photographic report and home description free of charge.
  • All bookings are recorded through our booking system. You are always informed of all matters that are related to your holiday home.
  • Renting out your holiday home via Novadesta Rentals disentangles you from considerable administrative burdens. With peace of mind you can hand over the completion of the complex (rental) administration to us. We take over the entire correspondence, sending of travel documents and invoices. We maintain all contact with the guests in your holiday home.
  • There is no longer any need for you to advertise or maintain a complicated website. We even take care of the final clean-up.
  • During the guesti??i??i??s stay in your holiday home we also provide extra 24 hours services.
  • We offer you a peace of mind and (financial) certainty. You are as an owner careful of your property. Therefore Novadesta is very critical when accepting bookings and selective in receiving quests for your property.

Furthermore, we can offer you:

  • Key holding
  • Contact point for guests
  • Check your property before arrival
  • Check your property after departure
  • Cleaning service before arrival
  • Cleaning service after departure
  • Rent sheets and towels
  • Shopping service on arrival
  • Car rental

Did you know that Novadesta Rentals can really take everything off your hands? Think of cleaning, beds made and the personal welcome of your guests. This makes renting out a lot more fun! So enjoying your holiday home is quite possible. Novadesta is specialized in the rental of holiday homes. When you have your holiday home rented out and/or managed by Novadesta you will find quality, professionalism. Personal contact is important to us.
We would like to inform you about the possibilities in renting your property.