N.I.E. number ( identification number)

It is obligated to have a N.I.E number when you buy a house in Spain. This a Spanish identification number for foreigners. Besides buying a house, you can also buy a car, arrange insurances etc. For owners who are not in possession of a N.I.E. number it is possible to arrange this also through Novadesta.

Home and content insurance

It is always advisable to have a good insurance. We can help you with that. We can arrange for example: home and content insurance, health insurance and a car insurance for you for affordable prices.The basic guarantees of NOVADESTAa��s recommended Home & Contents Insurance are wide-ranging and include cover for different cases of damage. Ask us for conditions and prices.

Car insurance
NOVADESTA places highly flexible products at your disposal:

  • Third Party Cover
  • Third Party + Glass
  • Third Party + Glass + Fire
  • Third Party + Glass + Fire + Theft
  • Comprehensive Cover (All Risk)

Health insurance

NOVADESTA offers a comprehensive package of individual health insurance policies.

Foreigners living in or long-term visitors of Spain enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate and benefit from the relatively low cost of living.

It is important to realise that you should take out your own health insurance in Spain if you are no longer resident in your home country.
If you are insured under the National Health Service, you can make use of the Seguridad Social in Spain.

If individualised health insurance is important to you then NOVADESTA can offer a choice of three packages, all of which are specially designed for foreigners living in Spain and foreigners who are long-term residents of Spain.

The policies cannot be cancelled by the Insurance Company, unless the insured person has submitted inaccurate information regarding existing illness(es) and/or complaints, or has made false declarations.