Property management

Contract for management

The choice for quality also asks for consistent maintenance. Therefore the Novadesta team is always active to keep our services and management on all the properties up to date.

Novadesta has its own technical service that can solve small technical trouble fast en sufficient. You are not a number, but someone who we will promise: quality and reliability

Besides our management & maintenance packages, we also offer a complete service package, that makes it easier for you to have a home abroad without any worries.


  • 2 weekly or monthly house inspection and control.
  • Visual check inside and outside the house for damage, leaks, vermin, locks and handlesi??i??i??i??i??..
  • Visual check for damages caused by storm, lightning, vandalism, burglary etc.
  • For burglaries actual or attempted , we will report it to the local police and contact your insurance company.
  • Ventilate the whole house to reduce the chance of mould etc.
  • Flushing the toilet and the drains.
  • Checking the utilities.
  • Empty your post box, remove unnecessary commercial folders and forward official post. In that way, official payment (taxes etc.) will be on time

In the case of serious problems, you will receive a message from us. If requested, we will get a quote for the work to be done, oversee the repairs and if necessary, also contact your insurance company. You will receive a full report of any anomalies or damages. We will check your house extra carefully after particularly bad weather.

A contract for 3 or 6 months is also a possibility by Novadesta. We would like to inform you about our possibilities.