Additional services

Novadesta Property Services SL offers you the following services:

Electricity meter
You may have experienced it already, here in Spain there is less electricity to a house. Because of this, you are often unable turn everything on at the same time.
To avoid this, you can choose to increase the electricity to your house. Novadesta can arrange this for you. If you are also letting your house, it is advisable to fit an electricity meter. From this meter you can see how much electricity the tenants have used and they pay for this.

Satellite systems
Do you want to keep in touch with what is going on in your home country while you are in Spain? A satellite system is a great option for you. It is also an advantage for home owners who want to rent out their property, because a lot of tenants ask for TV channels in their own language.

Telephone / Internet
Do you want telephone and/or internet in your house? Novadesta can also arrange this for you.

Because the sun is shining a lot here in Spain, every now and then it is nice to sit in the shade so an awning can come in very handy! They are available in a wide variety of colours and are made to measure. We can give you a no obligation quote.

Air Conditioning
The houses in Spain are not equipped with a central heating system, which makes the house cold and damp in the winter and very hot in the summer. An Air Conditioning is an invaluable investment.

Having air con units make a big difference in energy costs as there is the potential to cool, heat and moisturize in one machine.
We can offer you Air Conditioning units from a range brands and a corresponding range of prices. We would be delighted to give you a quote.

Water heater maintenance
Here in Spain, along with chlorine and other chemical materials, there is a lot of calcium in the water. This can cause a lot of damage to your washing machine, dish washer and water heater. It is advisable to use Calgonit and to check and clean your water heater once a year. You can also arrange a water heater service agreement with Novadesta. Your water heater will be cleaned, decaled and if necessary provided with a new filament every year. If the boiler breaks down, our plumber will repair it for free once you have an agreement.

Water treatment plant
We all know we can not drink water from the tap here in Sp ain. So we are forced to buy bottled water, which can be inconvenient. You can solve this with a water treatment plant. The plant is placed under your sink to provide drinkable water at any time. A small extra tap is fitted to your sink, from where you can draw drinking-water.

It is advisable to secure your house against unwanted intruders, because there are burglaries here in Spain as well. You can secure your house by placing security grills on openings and/or by installing an alarm system. Through this, you will make it more difficult for an intruder and it give yourself some piece of mind even when you are not in Spain. We can discuss a no obligation quote at any time.

Swimming pools and gardens
Are you also dreaming of a private pool, where you can co ol off in the hot summer months? Then Novadesta are the company to ask. We work with a professional company which is specialized in constructing swimming pools and gardens. Ask us for a free quote!

Aluminium (windows, doors etc)
Aluminium is a product that is used a lot here in Spain for example the following:

Closed patio:
A lot of Spanish houses have a patio. This is an open space where you can put your washing machine or water heater. Because it is an open space it gets dirty and dusty inside very quick. Closing it with 2 sliding windows is a good solution.

Mosquito nets:
It is nice if you can open your windows to allow the air through your house, especially in the summer. But this can be hard, because of the mosquitoes and flies which will enter in your house. Mosquito nets are a great solution.

Closed balcony and extra rooms:
A lot of houses have a balcony where you can sit in the summer, but in the winter it is often too cold to use. A solution is to close the balcony with windows from aluminium and glass. Then you can sit nice and warm on your balcony in the winter and in the summer you just open the windows and let the warmth in. You can also create new spaces with aluminium, for example an extra bedroom/ storage on your solarium. We can give you a no obligation quote.